About Us

Restaurant La Costa was established in 2003 in order to create a little piece of Italy with the taste and atmosphere of the real Italian places. This place attracts with its uniqueness and offers a wide range of traditional Italian dishes.


It is also a typical pizza place with different types of pizza from the beech-wood burning oven.

The dishes are complemented by specially selected kinds of Italian wine, perfect for the real connoisseurs of taste.


Our unique team makes sure that the time spent in our restaurant becomes an unforgettable food experience. We also organize small parties and provide catering services.

Witold Olszański - właściciel - La Costa Przemyśl
Witold – the owner. Hardworking icon of the restaurant, the man, the legend. Always strongly involved, polite, cheerful and very humble.
Marek pracownik - La Costa Przemyśl
There are people as capable as there are titans of diligence who get to where they want to be with hard work. Our Marek combines all these qualities! Archetypal, tenacious, incredibly hardworking and always smiling.
Marek - kelner - La Costa Przemyśl
Have you ever heard the stories about the old guard of waiters? About lowkey men, always upright and extremely professional?  About masters of restaurant diplomacy, classy and invisible companions at the table? Marek belongs to this group – and he is our greatest pride!

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